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“At Image by Design Plastic Surgery it is our belief that breast enhancement is just that – enhancement. Not the distortion of that which is already a beautiful part of a woman’s body. And while there are those that would simply use an implant to enlarge a woman’s breast, we believe that the ideal outcome is achieved only when all the subtleties of size, shape, symmetry and proportion blend together to achieve a result that is truly outstanding... a look that beckons the turn of a head without betraying the hand of the surgeon.”

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Breast Enlargement — Enlargement – Fuller, more flattering breasts are possible with the latest implants available today. Breast enhancement is a safe procedure which can give you a beautiful contour and a natural, proportioned look. Dr. M Kayser uses both saline and silicone gel implants and performs both above and under the muscle techniques to achieve the best possible results.

Learn more about breast augmentation in Michigan. | Learn about this procedure in 3D

Breast Augmentation using your own body fat — Breast augmentation without a breast implant? Use your own body fat as the implant itself. Possible? Autologous fat grafting removes fat from one part of your body and trasnfers it to the breast with no visible scars!
Learn more about fat grafting and breast augmentation in Michigan.

Breast Lift — Dr. Kayser uses the latest minimal-scar techniques, including the revolutionary “SPAIR” technique to remove excess skin, eliminate drooping and restore the proper relationship of your breast to achieve a more youthful and proportioned look.
Learn more about breast lift in Michigan. | View in 3D

Breast Lift with Augmentation — When combined with breast augmentation, a fuller, more voluptuous look can be yours. The Breast Lift and Augmentation not only restores your look, but enhances it as well, restoring confidence and an enhanced sense of self essteem. View in 3D

Breast Reduction — For those whose breasts have caused years of discomfort or embarrassment, Dr. M Kayser offers the “SPAIR” technique - a revolutionary type of reduction mammoplasty. Not only can it provide outstanding aesthetic results, it can also reduce scarring by up to 50% or more improve the natural shape, and achieve more fullness to the breast than the currently used traditional techniques. Learn more about breast reduction in Michigan.

Breast Reconstruction — Dr. M Kayser incorporates the most current techniques to achieve restoration of form. Your own tissue or implants may be used to restore your breasts to their youthful shape, helping you look and feel your best. Continue reading about breast reconstruction.

Read more about the “SPAIR” technique.

Sometimes liposuction is utilized in order to correct breast asymmetry.


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