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Consider a tummy tuck in Michigan

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is the contouring of the abdomen by removing excess loose skin while also tightening the muscle wall. Often after pregnancy or weight loss, excess skin and stretch marks deform the once flat and tight abdomen. But, despite diet and exercise, loose skin still remains. A tummy tuck can improve all this!

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Before and After Photo of tummy tuck Patient in Michigan
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What are the incisions used in a tummy tuck?

The abdominoplasty is the surgical excision of excess skin to the abdomen. An ellipse of skin is removed between the umbilicus (navel) and the hairline of the mons area. This also means that C-section scars are removed as well. This skin above the umbilicus is then lifted off the abdominal wall muscles up to the level of the rib cage and then pulled down to the level of the mons and closed. Before this is done, however, the loose abdominal wall muscles are tightened - which, also narrows the waistline! The umbilicus is brought through a new opening and, voila! - Your new tummy. The final scar is well hidden in the bikini line and patients often like their new navel even better than before.

What is a mini tummy tuck?

In selected patients, a limited skin excision can be performed, which can then be combined with direct liposuction of the abdomen (this is usually not advised in a traditional abdominoplasty as it can significantly compromise the blood supply and increase risks of wound development). The umbilicus is not cut out but only relocated and the abdominal wall is tightened before completing the procedure. Although the scar length is shorter, the final result is usually not as tight and so most candidates for a tummy tuck elect to undergo the traditional abdominoplasty.

Can other procedures be performed with a tummy tuck?

Patients often have multiple procedures at the same time. The most common include breast augmentation, breast lifts and/or liposuction. This saves both time and money since costs are often reduced when multiple procedures are combined. Additional procedures would also include facial cosmetic surgery or those related to weight loss such as thigh or buttock lifts.

If you have any questions about having a tummy tuck in Michigan with Dr Kayser contact us at 586.776.3223.

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