Great Things To Do In Michigan

In the Midwestern regions and the Great Lakes of the United States, Michigan remains a unique city. Among the fifty United States, Michigan remains the 10th most well-known region. In a nutshell, the state is filled with remarkable museums, parks, and other outdoor places that visitors can view.

Isle Royale National Park:

Near the Canadian frontier, you can unequivocally see the Isle Royale. This four hundred and thirty-two square mile island is designed by Ice Age glaciers. It has a plethora of dense forests, streams, lakes, a variety of wildlife that includes falcons, herring gulls, ospreys, otters, moose, foxes, wolves and much more. If you are searching for a remote wilderness experience, then Isle Royale National Park is the place to be.

Michigan Historical Museum – Lansing:

This is a great place to learn the prehistoric story of the state extending to 1900’s. From the history of the first people to the industrial strength of the state, you can always get more information from Michigan Historical Museum.

Soo Locks Boat Tours And Dinner Cruises:

During the Soo Locks Boat Tours, you will get a live narration that explains the operation and history of Algoma Steel Plant, St Mary’s Rapids, water fronts of the two Saults and just to mention a few. The most important feature of Soo that makes it unique is that it’s found on St Mary River connecting Lakes Superior and Huron.

Colonial Michilimackinac :

The amazing facility is found in the Machinaw City. It remains a military outpost and a French fur-trading village that remained from 1715-1781. About 13 of the buildings have been redesigned including the American Revolution era and the British occupation. Visitors can learn more about this revolutionary land by exploring the state of Michigan.

Outdoor Discovery Center Of Wildlife Unlimited:

Natural habitats and agricultural restoration are now part of the Outdoor Discovery Center. This one hundred and thirty acre of land now contains 6 different ecosystems to preserve nature. This center helps you learn about the different areas and have great experience on nature. Wildlife viewing opportunities and walking trails are some amazing features to learn in the Outdoor Discovery Center.

Mackinac Bridge:

Both the Upper and Lower Peninsula at St. Ignace and Mackinac City are connected through the Mackinac Bridge. Without any iota of doubt, the Mackinac Bridge remains one of the longest and biggest suspension lengths in the globe. Cars waiting for ferry passage will no longer experience any traffic difficulties due to the Mackinac Bridge. Even original artifacts and several interesting figures can be found in the Mackinac Bridge Museum.

Pictured Rocks National Seashore:

On the south shore of Lake Superior, you will find the Pictured Rocks National Seashore. The name of the center emanates from the colors of manganese oxide, iron, and copper found in the rocks. The landscape is a combination of beaches, cliffs, dunes and rocky shoreline. With rivers and inland lakes, the interior of the Pictured Rocks National Seashore is covered in forest. If you like nature, then hover to this location and get plenty of experiences.

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Directions From Wyandotte MI

Wyandotte is a city in Wayne County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 25,883 at the 2010 census,[6] a decrease of 7.6% from 2000. Wyandotte is located in southeastern Michigan, approximately 11 miles (18 km) south of Detroit on the Detroit River, and is part of the collection of communities known as Downriver. Wyandotte is bounded by Southgate (west), Lincoln Park (northwest), Riverview (south), Ecorse (north) and Lasalle (east). ( From Wikipedia )

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Crisalix Used for Breast Reconstructions

Crisalix is used for breast reconstructions allowing surgeons to refine planning and provide better counseling for patients as well as for research purposes.

Crisalix 4D VR is now part of the William Beaumont Army Medical Center. Lt. Col. Owen Johnson III, Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Service says: “The goal is to educate our patient population and our fellow physicians on reconstruction options.”

According to the American Cancer Society, only about five percent of women choose to undergo immediate breast reconstruction at the time of mastectomy.

“It’s important to have a discussion about options with patients before we start treatment for whatever the problem is because the type of reconstruction we choose might influence how the cancer/disease is treated in the first place,” said Johnson. “That’s always been the problem in an undeserved community where people may undergo certain types of surgery, chemo, radiation for their breast cancer. A year later patients may want to talk about options but all those options may not be available anymore.”

“Use of 3-D Imaging in the Planning of DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction” was Prof. Kyong-Je Woo from Mokdong Hospital topic during the prestigious PRS congress in Korea last week showing some key results in terms of planning for surgeons as well as better education for patients using Crisalix.

In the clinical study “Estimation of DIEP flap weight for breast reconstruction by the pinch test” published in Microsurgery August 2017, prof Kyong-Je Woo and his colleagues have developed a prediction model for estimating DIEP flap weight using the pinch test. Crisalix serves to measure the projected inset rate (the ratio of flap used for inset to harvested flap). To predict the inset rate, they calculate the breast volume with Crisalix and divide it by the flap weight estimated using their pinch method. The projected inset rate calculated with such prediction was 78.9% versus a real one measured after the surgery of 82.3%.