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Mastopexy Breast Lift Surgery in Michigan

A breast lift or mastopexy is the surgical correction of breast drooping or ptosis. Over time, with pregnancy, weight loss or even during normal development, the breast can “go south” compelling women to seek correction. Dr. Kayser will take all measures necessary to ensure that your results are the best that he can offer.

Breast hypertrophy (overly enlarged breasts) plagues millions of women with symptoms of neck, back, and shoulder pain, rashes to the skin, indentations and the shoulders, poor posture and problems with physical endurance, and, of course, emotional embarrassment. And despite attempts at weight reduction, physical exercise, or other forms of treatment such as physical therapy or even chiropractic medicine there is simply no alleviation of the symptoms. Indeed, surgery offers the only hope to the countless women who have suffered from this condition. Watch the breast lift procedure video.


Incisions Used In Breast Lift / Mastopexy

There are various approaches to correcting the ptotic breast but the essence  is repositioning of the breast to a more appropriate level on the chest. Michigan board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kayser uses a short scar (lollipop) method (please read the article on the SPAIR technique), which reduces scarring significantly as compared to the older, more traditional approaches. This also addresses the common concern of the large and irregular areola (dark skin around the nipple). In time, many patients have scars that blend and fade beautifully.

Type Of Anesthesia Used

Mastopexy is usually performed with general anesthesia. The procedure is performed as an outpatient so you can go home the same day – the entire visit usually requires about four hours from the initial registration to your discharge.

Breast Lift Recovery

Most patients in my practice feel that mastopexy was less traumatic than they expected and many patients stop taking their narcotic pain medication a day or two after surgery. The procedure is out-patient, which means you can go home the same day. The incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches and sealed with glue on the outside so there are no sutures to remove and patients can shower the very next day. Patients wear a support garment for about 4-6 weeks, after which, there are no restrictions at all.

Follow up is very important and patients are encouraged to return to the office within the week, at six weeks, six months and a year. This allows Michigan board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kayser to not only address any concerns that a patient may have but also make sure that both short and long term progress has been up to his high standards.

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Transcript of Part 1:
Dr Kayser: “Good morning I’m Dr. Kayser and we have with us a lovely lady who is scheduled for a breast lift with implants. I have made the marks on our patient and the red area is going to be the degree of lift in addition to the area which is going to be the surrounding tissue around the breast that allows the nipple and the areola to stay connected to it – so we don’t take anything off – we don’t put anything back on, sensation is preserved. I’ll explain this a little bit more as we go along.

Good morning I’m Dr.Kayser with Image By Design Plastic Surgery and we are here this morning with our patient that we marked up yesterday and we are going to be performing a breast lift – which is re-positioning the breast because shes drooping and we are also going to be placing breast implants because she wants to be larger. In her particular case, she also has a little breast asymmetry – the left breast is larger – and so our options would be to use two different breast implants or in her case to actually perform a slight reduction on the larger breast to make both breasts even and therefore allow the same size and shape breast implant placed on both sides. Also I inform patients that since breast implants are not meant to be lifelong devices you can anticipate that at some point they may need to be removed and if that’s the case, then she desires not to have them replaced she would be left with asymmetrical breasts or different size breasts should she not choose to have them replaced. So this was an option she chose for – also the position of the breast is different so the pull here is higher than the pull here .. so I’m going to try to do everything I can to keep this as high as I can and then also lower this. I am very pleased that she’s using breast implants that are of a proportionate size, she’s anticipating and expressed a desire for 280 CC breast implants, so we are going to get pretty close to that – we are going to get started and we will keep you updated as we go along.

I have just basically cut a little circle around the areola – most patients like that reduced – the nipple and areola are not removed from the breast, so patients always virtually keep their sensation. I don’t take them off and put them on as a graft. That’s a common question that patients ask me.

You can clearly see the difference. This breast is higher than this breast. This breast is smaller than this breast. This breast has more distance from here to here than this distance – so this creates a problem with regard to an implant. Continue reading here.

If you are considering a breast lift in Michigan – contact board certified plastic surgeon Melek Kayser MD of Image By Design Plastic Surgery for a consultation at (586) 776-3223

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