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Breast Reconstruction in Michigan

Breast reconstruction is the surgical restoration of a breast either removed from surgery or correction of an abnormality. Typically, surgery involves correcting a defect after mastectomy, but there are congenital deformities as well.

Approaches To Surgery

Surgery either uses a prosthetic device (breast implant), the patient’s own tissue or a combination of both. With an implant, a tissue expander is placed and then inflated on a weekly basis in the office. The expander is then exchanged at a later time with either a permanent saline or silicone implant device.

In a combined procedure, a muscle flap is used in combination with either an expander or permanent implant. The result is usually a little more involved than an expander alone but also yields a more natural result.

The last option uses your own tissue and is either taken from the abdomen (TRAM flap) or from another part of the body as a free flap (this requires the use of a microscope to reconnect the blood vessels). This is the most lengthy in both procedure and recovery but usually produces the most natural result. In addition, since there is no implant device, once final healing has occurred, it can be expected to last a lifetime.

Finally, reconstruction of the nipple and areola (the skin surrounding the nipple) can also be performed but is usually performed when the final mound has been created.

Looking Natural

There have been tremendous advancements over the years for a mammoplasty. Unlike the days of old where a successful surgery was simply a breast mound that looked like a ball, patients today can look forward to results that actually restore both volume and shape. And although an exact duplicate of the original breast is never possible, most women are astounded how good they can look and feel.

What type of anesthesia is used?

A mammoplasty is usually performed with general anesthesia. The procedure is usually performed in conjunction with a general surgeon and the hospital stay varies from 1-5 days. Contact your local plastic surgeon Daniela Rodriguez, MD, PLC for more information.

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