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Your Consultation At Image By Design MD

At Image by Design Plastic Surgery we realize that you have an endless choice of surgeons to choose from. So how do you select the right one – the process can be overwhelming!

Obviously, credentials and training are essential. There are many so called “cosmetic” surgeons who will promote themselves as “qualified” by various means but only the above credentials ensure that your doctor has met all surgical and ethical standards set forth by the American Board of Medical specialties to perform plastic surgery on the entire body. Unfortunately, most states place little regulation on who can perform plastic surgery so that most patients are not aware that differences even exist.

However, successfully achieving proper certification does not necessarily guarantee that you have found the right surgeon. In many ways, choosing a surgeon transcends the obvious and requires one to dig deeper – to explore and discover the nuances that are not so obvious on paper – a nuance that might be best described as “chemistry”.

By this time you may have visited various websites and seen many before and after patient photos. You may have, perhaps, read pages of credentials and accolades which often resemble those of many other fully qualified plastic surgeons. You may have enjoyed the many patient testimonials which again testify to the capabilities of the doctors that patients have put their trust in. Yet, somehow, your choice of surgeons remains broad.

In this regard, I wish to close the gap. I want to invite you to visit with me personally and spend time to get to know me and my office staff. I want to open my doors to you so that you may experience, firsthand, who I am and what I am about. Because, to be honest, until you personally spend time with your surgeon, you will never be able to make the right choice; because it is only during a one-on-one consultation that you will be able to discover what we truly have to offer.

You will discover that cosmetic and plastic surgery is as much art as it is medicine. As you begin to see through my eyes you will be able to explore a whole new vista of possibilities that you, perhaps, never before considered or even thought possible. You will discover that I am a perfectionist and will spend as much time as is necessary with you during our time and in surgery to achieve results that meet only the very highest standards of care. Finally, you will discover that I will begin to see through your eyes as well so that, in the end, you will receive the result that you desire – and isn’t that really why you are on this journey in the first place?

I invite you to call the office at 586-776-3223 and schedule a personal and completely confidential consultation with me. I assure you that you will be glad you did.


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