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Facelift Surgery in St Clair Shores Michigan

What is a rhytidectomy?

Over time, during normal aging or even with weight loss, the face will change resulting in excess skin laxity, joweling, wrinkling and even elongation of the facial skeleton itself compelling patients to seek correction. A facelift helps to restore the more youthful look to your face and neck – smoothing the contours and wrinkles that aging causes. Consider a facelift in St Clair Shores with Michigan plastic surgeon Dr Rodriguez.

What incisions are used in a facelift?

The traditional facelift approach uses an incision that extends almost 270 degrees around the ear – beginning from behind the ear and extending around to its front and finishing up into the hair bearing scalp. The scar can be shortened in certain cases when the degree of correction is less severe. The scars are well hidden and usually fade beautifully after a facelift.

How long does a facelift last?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about a facelift. The traditional answer about the lasting impact a facelift can have is about 10 years, however, this depends upon various factors such as facelift technique, facial type, quality of skin, sun exposure and, yes, smoking. Despite the fact that the process of aging cannot be stopped, one can expect that they will tend to always look better after a facelift – at any age – than if they never had the procedure at all. Interestingly, the recent “featherlift” fad has been shown to relapse after only a year or two and although there may be less scarring, one must ask if the modest savings is worth the poor long term results?

Can other procedures be combined with a facelift?

The face can actually be divided into thirds with the traditional facelift addressing the lower two-thirds; the upper third includes the areas of the eyes and forehead. These areas can easily be combined with the facelift itself and actually help to maintain a uniform appearance.

In addition, as the face ages, it actually looses volume and current trends in facial rejuvenation include the actual transfer of your own fat to help restore the natural contours of youth. Click here for more information about fat transfer for facial rejuvenation in Michigan.


Are there any specifics points to be aware of in a facelift?

Be cautious about marketing ploys that promote the “limited”, “one-hour” or “short-scar/mini” facelift. These facelift techniques remove only a small amount of skin around the ear and do not release the deep attachments that are necessary to achieve the best results. They also tend to be performed by non-plastic surgeons who often lack the proper training or who may not be comfortable in performing the appropriate procedure. Studies have shown that the best long term results for a facelift occur when the deep facial or SMAS layer is resuspended rather than just the skin alone. It is the SMAS suspension that allows the best correction of the prominent facial folds and jowls of the face. Anything short of a properly performed facelift jeopardizes the final result.

What type of anesthesia is used during a facelift?

A facelift is usually performed with general anesthesia although local anesthesia with IV sedation is an option. The procedure usually takes 4-5 hours and patients are best served by staying overnight so that observation for possible bleeding can be made.

What can I expect after a facelift?

Most patients feel that facelift surgery was less traumatic than they expected and many patients stop taking their narcotic pain medication only a few days after facelift surgery. A drain is placed, which is removed the next day and sutures are removed at days five and 12. Most of the bruising from a facelift in Michigan is resolved at 7-10 days, which is easily covered with make-up.

Follow up is very important and patients are encouraged to return to the office at six weeks, six months and a year. This allows Michigan plastic surgeon Dr Rodriguez to not only address any concerns that a patient may have but also make sure that both short and long term progress has been up to his high standards.

If you have any questions about having a facelift in Michigan with Dr Rodriguez

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