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Laser Procedures In Michigan

Laser Hair Removal — Imagine just how nice it would be to take shaving out of your daily routine. Michigan board certified plastic surgeon Daniela Rodriguez, MD and Image By Design Plastic Surgery employs the state of the art Elite™ Laser Hair Removal and the Lightsheer laser by Coherent. These lasers has been approved by the FDA, and Laser hair removal is a safe and effective, minimally invasive procedure.

View The Outstanding Results Provided by the Elite™ Laser Hair Removal

The Laser Hair Removal procedure can achieve permanent hair reduction results on nearly every part of your body. Popular Laser Hair Removal procedures are frequently performed on areas such as the face – areas of the face such as the lips, chin, eyebrows and neck are popular. Other areas of the Body such as the back, arms and legs are also candidates for Laser Hair Removal. Learn more about Laser Hair Removal in 3D

CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

How Can an Affirm CO2 Laser Skin Procedure Help Me?

affirm_co2_1During a Laser Resurfacing procedure using the Affirm CO2 Laser Skin Renewal system, your skin is treated one tiny portion at a time – and this treatment process is repeated several thousand times.

Each tiny “micro column” receives the correct amount of laser energy to remove the old skin cells, at the same time new collagen growth is stimulated in the skin tissue surrounding the treated area.affirm_co2_1Patients who have had this laser skin resurfacing procedure claim the Affirm CO2 Laser system does more than resurface the skin- the results are more like deep skin rejuvenation.

Take a Look at The Amazing Results Achieved with the Affirm CO2 Laser Skin Renewal System

Directly following the treatment process, your body will begin working naturally to replace the old skin cells with fresh new skin cells. After an Affirm CO2 Laser Skin procedure, you will see and feel skin that is noticeably smoother and the skin has a restored youthful and healthy appearance. Patients will continue to notice improvement as time passes. Learn more about Laser Skin Resurfacing in Michigan…

Laser Vein, Pigment and Lesion Treatment—Varicose veins, also referred to as “Spider veins”, skin Lesions and un even skin pigmentation are conditions that, at best are a bother. These conditions can make a person feel uncomfortable, self conscious and unattractive. The good news is that there are cosmetic laser procedures, that can help you to look and feel better. In many cases, excellent, noticeable results can be seen with only one or two treatments.

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Varicose, or Spider veins usually appear red, blue or purple and the most frequent causes of these unsightly veins are sun exposure, use of oral contraceptive products, and hormone therapy treatments. Age, family history and genetics can also cause this condition.

During a laser procedure for one (or a combination of) these procedures, the surgeon uses a Laser to treat the skin. Essentially, emitting a predetermined amount of laser energy, the problem skin cells, or leg veins are targeted without damage to the skin tissues surrounding the treatment site.Leg veins usually begin to disappear naturally. Read more about Laser Skin Resurfacing in Michigan…

Laser procedures in Michigan including Laser Hair Removal and CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing offered by Michigan board certified plastic surgeon Daniela Rodriguez, MD. Information about Laser Hair Removal, CO2 Laser Resurfacing,and more.

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