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Liposuction Redo

Liposuction Redo With Fat Grafting to Hips, Thighs, Calves

“I went online and was trying to find a doctor that I thought would help me out with my situation which was that I did not have any confidence in my body’s appearance anymore. I had some liposuction done in the past and it did not leave my body looking uniform, attractive, becoming, feminine so I came to see you and felt hundred percent confident in your skills and how you dealt with me and answer my questions and give me all the time that I needed. When I had my procedure done I came back out and literally felt like you put a different body on me and it just opens up a whole new world for me. I can wear clothes that I never wanted to wear before, parade around with less clothes on like I never wanted to do before and wear different outfits of things because now the confidence is there to share myself.”

“What was it that bothered you?”
“Basically everything from the waist down so the waist itself which you completely contoured – you gave me more shapely looking hips – above my knees was heavy from fat no matter how much weight loss it still was always heavy the ankles are always to the thicker side my hips were imbalance from the previous liposuction and all of that a hundred and ten percent you corrected and fixed to perfection. So the difference for me wasn’t so much what the scale said the difference for me was how my body was contoured – how my body shape itself was – the fat above the knees the thickness of the calfs because no matter how much weight loss it still didn’t change the overall appearance or shape or contour of my body – that still was the same so it doesn’t matter with the number said on the scale and if there’s ever anything I need done in the future you’re the only doctor for me.”

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