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photo_breastYES – ABSOLUTELY!!! Breast augmentation is a procedure which, unfortunately, can be performed by any physician – whether adequately trained or not. Most states have very little regulation on this matter. Because of this, non-plastic – or so called “cosmetic” – surgeons can perform breast augmentation as well. In addition, some physicians who are legitimately board certified in other specialties, such as ENT, dermatology, and gynecology, for example are performing “cosmetic” surgery even though they often have never had any formal residency training in the specialty of plastic surgery itself. Weekend courses abound and the patient is often confused as to which doctor to see.

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Dr. M Kayser is Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which is the only plastic surgical specialty recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) to perform plastic surgery of the face and entire body. Beware of self designated boards that are not recognized by the ABMS. These would include The American Board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, The American Board of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, and The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery – just to name a few. The ABPS requires ongoing education and maintenance of certification to help ensure that each board certified plastic surgeon is current and able to provide the best care possible.

Dr. M Kayser is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This organization allows only board certified plastic surgeons in its membership. The ASPS says it best by stating that they “are dedicated to advancing quality care in plastic surgery by encouraging high standards in training, ethics, physician practice, research, and continuing education.” Look for the circle – the symbol of excellence that represents which surgeons have fulfilled these criteria.

Dr. M Kayser has been in practice over ten years and is the founder of Image by Design Plastic Surgery. Patient satisfaction is of the utmost importance. In addition, we have an extensive list of patients who are available to share their experience with you. Please call the office at 586-776-3223 and speak with either Denise or Janet to answer all your questions.

Does Hospital affiliation matter?
Again, yes. Although operating in an office setting is not in and of itself inappropriate, it is always possible that an extended hospital observation or additional care might be needed. Indeed, certain procedures or multiple surgeries are usually best treated within the context of a full hospital facility. In addition, hospitals usually require certain standards (credentialing) such as board certification before a physician can have staff privileges. Unfortunately, there are no legal restrictions in most states that prevent physicians operating out of their offices or non hospital associated free-standing surgery suites; so be sure to ask if your doctor does have admitting privileges at a fully accredited hospital facility. If they don’t, their ability to either transfer patients or provide continuity of care is potentially compromised. Dr. M Kayser is a fully credentialed and active staff plastic surgeon at St. John Hospital and Medical Center, St. John Macomb Hospital and Bon Secour and Cottage Hospitals. Make sure your Michigan plastic surgeon has full hospital privileges as well.

Any other suggestions?
Needless to say, your decision in choosing a plastic surgeon can be a difficult and time consuming task making it even more important that you personally visit with the plastic surgeon that will perform your procedures. Evaluate their results (photos), office, staff, and testimonials and your feelings regarding your overall experience with their practice. You can often ask to speak to other patients who are willing to share their experiences with you.

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